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Welcome to xMonks TRiBE

Join us in our endeavour to build a strong coaching community!

About Us

We at xMonks were looking to bring individuals from all walks of life together, at one platform. And we were able to co-create a space for everyone to contribute, connect and express. A space where everyone feels belonged, where people feel free display their culture, identities, spread awareness and accept the diversities and appreciate differences of various cultures. It is an opportunity for the people,  to meet and interact and learn with each other. And voila that is xMonks Tribe to you!

Why You Should Join Us?

xMonks Tribe is here for everyone to learn, grow, and connect with other fellow individuals. This is one place for you to find answers to, seek for help and everything relating to coaching. From access to videos, blogs, you would also get an opportunity to interact and connect with all other aspiring coaches, ICF certified coaches, and all other fellow coaches.

So get in here. Connect. Engage. Put yourself out there. Share your story. A Bit of Your Life.Offer help. Meet People Who Are Similar. Celebrate Differences. Learn Something New Everyday.